7 Carpet Cleaning Secrets

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1. Blot Stains – Don’t Scrub Or Rub
Use your moist cloth first to blot out any liquids from the outside onto the inside of the spill. Don’t be tempted to scrub or agitate the stain and cause the stain to spread to the surrounding area.

2. Pre-Test A Shop Bought Stain Remover
Despite not mentioning any brand names, we see the damage these products cause every week. Not only are most of them not as effective, they also often cause irreparable damage to carpets and carpets.

If unsure, just use plain cold water, a mild vinegar solution.

3. Easily Remove Wax Using Heat
Many of our customers have the odd wax spill from time to time. And at first attempt, it can appear impossible to remove without pulling out a bunch of carpet fibers with it! But candle wax is generally easily removed by safely applying heat. Simply lay a clean cloth over the wax that is embedded into the carpet and place a warm iron on top of the cloth to heat the wax. Then use a blunt knife or similar instrument to scrape off the wax.

4. Vacuum Regularly
It’s just common sense to vacuum your carpets every few days. Regular vacuuming keeps your carpets looking great, and more importantly, removes the dust and soiling that  degrades the carpet fibers. Adhering to this simple step will add years to the life of your carpets.

5. Invest In Quality Carpet & Fabric Protection Carpet protection such as Scotchgard helps to protect your carpets and upholstery from spills developing into permanent stains, making them easier to remove. It also helps prevent dry soils from sticking to the carpet fibers, acting as an abrasive. If you’ve invested in high quality carpets, then a good stain protector is worth the small cost..

6. Invest In Professional Carpet Cleaning (Every 6 – 18 Months)
If you’re living alone without pets, a thorough deep clean every 18 – 24 months should be sufficient. However, if you have a busy family home then it makes sense to thoroughly cleanse your carpets at least annually (and perhaps every 6 months if you have dogs or cats). The difference this will make to the appearance of your home is enormous.

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