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Upholstery Cleaning in Queens

We are the top non-toxic and chemical-free steam cleaning company for upholstery cleaning in Queens. Since 2015 we have provided the highest rated upholstery cleaning service in Queens and in NYC. Our upholstery cleaning is 100% environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets. We only use Eco-friendly cleaning solutions contain no harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation or set up allergies. Plus our steam cleaning machines are powerful and will provide a powerful cleaning technology that, because it cleans at over 160 degrees, will kill harmful bacteria and remove stains in your couch.

When you contact Always Green Carpet Cleaner Queens for sofa and couch cleaning, we will start by determining the fabric type, soil level, and cleaning requirements in your upholstery. If you have stains we may ask additional questions about the types of stains so that we can provide more effective services.

We pre-treat stains to loosen them from the upholstery cleaning fiber and for easy removal during cleaning. We value you as a customer and will always work to be on time and make sure our cleaning appointments fit your schedule. That is why we are open Saturday if you are too busy during the week. Call today or book an appointment and see why Always Green is rated as a top service for upholstery cleaning in Queens.

Though there may be some stains that cannot be completely eliminated due to the type of material or age, we provide our customers with honest information in these cases, while we are always working diligently to see that all stains are effectively minimized or eliminated.

Many people are shocked at how dirty their furniture can get, but this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Dirt that’s on clothes after a long day working and playing transfers to the couch.

Dining room chairs often have food spills on them, as well as the arms of upholstered chairs usually have some grease and dirt from hands and arms. The good news is that our cleaning can remove these types of stains and make them look great again when they use Always Green Carpet Cleaner, the 5-star rated upholstery cleaning in Queens.

upholstery cleaning in Queens
steam upholstery in Queens

We provide 2 types of professional upholstery cleaning for your upholstery. Our steam cleaning is the most popular. It quickly refreshes your sofa or sectional by removing dust and light stains. Most of our regular clients steam cleaning their upholstery at least once a year to keep it looking great and removing dust and oil.

If you need a deep cleaning we recommend our shampoo options which includes a shampoo designed to clean fabrics and remove stains and a enzyme odor killer. The shampoo will break down stains, odors and grime to make restore your couch or sectional to like new condition.

Your can call us at 917-475-0141 and get a free quote over the phone or set up a free onsite quote. Our cleaning includes all the cushions, front, back and sides. Contact us and learn more about the our expert services for upholstery cleaning in Queens.

What you can expect from our Upholstery Cleaning:

  • We use non-toxic, chemical-free and organic healthy cleaning solutions
  • Professional upholstery cleaning equipment
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners
  • Best prices in town
  • No hidden charges

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Our Cleaning Process


Deep Vacuuming


Spot & Stain Removal


Hot Water Extraction


Add Stain Protection