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Dealing With Mold in Your Home Due to Water Damage

When your home is impacted by water damage, it can be expensive and frustrating to deal with. You may have to replace furniture and other property, and the cost of water restoration services can add up quickly. In addition to these issues, water damage in your household can often lead to major mold infestations. This nasty fungus tends to thrive when moisture is present, and if your home has encountered significant water damage, you may soon discover that you also have one or more mold colonies that need to be addressed. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can recognize this problem and the ideal steps you can take to remedy the situation. If you feel you want a professional to handle it, call Always Green Carpet Cleaner of Queens for a free quote.

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What If There Aren’t Any Signs of Mold After Water Damage?

So, what if you’ve experienced water damage in your home but haven’t noticed symptoms of mold? In these situations, it’s still worthwhile to bring in mold remediation professionals from Always Green Carpet Cleaner of Queens for an inspection. Oftentimes, the extent of water damage in your household will be larger than you realize. So, there could be a significant mold infestation lingering somewhere that you can’t see or detect it. And if that is the case, failing to address it early on could end up causing major problems down the road.

Ultimately, you have nothing to lose by scheduling an inspection with professionals. If they determine that mold removal services are needed, you’ll have saved yourself hassle and money in the long run. If they don’t find anything, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is mold-free. 

Signs of Mold Growth in Your Home

If you’ve recently experienced water damage in your home, you should be on the lookout for any signs of mold growth in the aftermath. Once moisture has been introduced to an area of your home, mold can start to appear in as little as 48 hours. If the water damage in your household has occurred in an area that’s visible and easy to inspect, you should keep a close eye on that part of your home for several days after the source of the moisture has been addressed. That way, you’ll give yourself a good chance of noticing the fungus early, which will make it significantly easier to address. Keep in mind that mold can take multiple forms; you might see strange discoloration, peeling paint, or little black spots.

That said, it isn’t always as easy to identify a mold infestation as simply visually inspecting the area of water damage. Oftentimes, water damage will occur behind your walls or in other areas of the household that are more difficult to access. However, as mold grows and spreads, there will be non-visual indicators that you may notice. The most common symptom is a stale, musty odor being present in your living space. This type of smell is a clear indicator of mold growth, and if you find that it’s especially strong in one area, that tells you that you’re close to the source. Another possible sign of mold growth in your home is the sudden appearance of respiratory problems. If you or anyone in your household has allergy or asthma symptoms that start to worsen after your home experiences water damage, there’s a good chance that mold is lurking somewhere.

Handling Mold Removal

You may be wondering what steps to take if you’ve discovered mold growth in your home after water damage. If you catch the infestation extremely early, you may have the chance to remove it before it spreads. If it’s still a very small growth area, you may be able to treat it yourself. There are many effective remedies that you can try. One good option is to treat the area with a white vinegar solution, scrub away the fungus, and thoroughly dry the area. However, trying to solve a mold problem on your own isn’t always the best idea.

In many cases, homeowners will think they’ve successfully eradicated a mold infestation only to see it return with a vengeance a week or two later. If you want to be absolutely certain that you’ve solved the problem, going with Queens mold removal professionals is the best choice. Mold remediation contractors have methods and equipment available that allow them to do a more thorough job. They’re also able to effectively reach areas of the house that you may have trouble getting to. Even with smaller mold colonies, it’s usually worth it to leave the job to the experts. Doing so is the most reliable way to ensure that your mold infestation is truly gone and unlikely to return.

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The Bottom Line

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep in mind the strong connection between water damage and mold growth. Whether you’ve encountered a roof leak, a leaking appliance, a burst pipe, or any other cause of water damage, you need to consider the strong possibility of an impending mold infestation. Your first step should be addressing the cause of the water damage. For example, if you get rid of a mold problem but still have a leaking air conditioner, the fungus will most likely return in the near future. However, if that source of moisture is fixed, mold removal professionals will be able to thoroughly eliminate the infestation and prevent it from coming back. As soon as you have reason to suspect that there could be mold growth in your household, give Always Green Carpet Cleaner of Queens a call for a free onsite inspection and quote.